Backyard Pet Services

Backyard Pet Services helps you ensure that your pets are well cared for, beautiful, and well-behaved. Whether you have a vacation pet sitting need, an illness in the family, a demanding job, late working hours, or extensive travel, we can take care of your babies while you’re away. If you need pet boarding, dog walking, or house sitting, we can also help with that. Our grooming and training service lines offer you professional mobile grooming and a certified dog training team to help you keep your pets looking gorgeous and behaving well.

Services we Offer:

  • Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding, Dog Walking, House Sitting
  • Pet Grooming for both Dogs and Cats
  • Pet Training

Other Pets We Love to Care for:

  • Guinea Pigs & other small pets
  • Fish, Other Marine Life & their Aquariums (both large and small)
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Exotic Birds
  • Iguanas & other Reptiles
  • And so many more

Other Services:

  • Pet Taxi
  • Mail & Newspaper retrieval
  • Aquarium Services
  • Rigorous Exercise for your active pets
  • Houseplant care, and more!

Loving Care for All Your McKinney Pets

Our Mission

Our mission is to help McKinney’s pet parents keep their pets safe, happy, clean, gorgeous, and well-behaved.  

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What our Customers are Saying

  • “Hi Cathy, this is Linda M. You guys just groomed my dog Gracie.  I wanted to tell you thank you.  She did a fabulous job and my dog came back in the house not stressed at all.  I couldn’t believe it! I appreciate that so much but also she looks fabulous.  We will be calling you again.  Thank you so much.  Bye-bye”
    L. Mauk
  • “Mary did an awesome job! We were nervous trying out a new groomer since we loved our old one so much, but the hassle of driving drop-off, waiting, and pickup was wearing a little thin–especially when our groomer was still in Allen, whereas we live in McKinney now.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Baxter looks amazing and it was so, so easy!  We couldn’t be happier.”
    R. Johnston
  • “Mary did Baby’s nails so unbelievably perfect.  They are short and that is the best job anyone has ever done in 13 years.  Little my Yorkie looks like a young puppy and he is 11 years old. Mary gave him the best haircut he has ever had.  I am so totally appreciative that you were able to do my dogs today and thanks for sending Mary – we will need and want her services from now on.  Overall – a wonderful and totally professional service.
    C. Siciliano
  • “Backyard Home & Pet Sitting took care of our four dogs, four birds, aquarium, my house, outside garden, mail, and all of my potted plants while my husband and I took our two week vacation this summer. It was a joy to get daily pictures and text messages from the sitters and to know my animals were safe and secure in their own surroundings.”
    Lyn NProsper TX