Summer Pet Adventures in McKinney!

You know that you get bored, but did you know that your dog gets bored also? Even though your pet loves you to the moon and back, spending all day every day in the same environment  can make your pet act up a little bit. You will notice this when your pet is barking at nothing, when your pet is pestering you for attention, or even when your pet chews up a toy or personal item. This is boredom coming out sideways. So, what to do? There are some obvious choices, such as taking your pet for a walk, playing tug of war, or even taking your pet on an outing in the car (providing your pet enjoys this and the weather supports it).

But what if you really, really need your high-energy pet to be relaxed? Let’s say you have a party planned for a certain afternoon, or you’re hosting a church group in your home. How can you be sure your pet doesn’t ruin things by making him or herself a nuisance during your important event?

You’ll have a good chance of success by providing your pet with an unusual, tiring, and satisfying adventure earlier in the day. The adventure must be stimulating to the nose (lots of things to smell) and use the dog’s whole physicality (running, climbing, jumping) for an extended period of time – at least 40 minutes.

Dog Parks in McKinney

One easy thing you can doo with your dog is take them to the dog park! There are a few in McKinney:

  • Erwin Park: While it doesn’t technically have a dog park, Erwin Park is a beautiful, large area with huge potential for lots of fun with your dog.
  • Bonnie Wenk Dog Park: A two-acre, fenced, off-leash park that accepts dogs of any size and breed. Bonnie Wenk Dog Park provides separate areas for large and small pups, a shaded pavilion in case it gets a little too warm, and even a splash pad for your pup to cool off and have some fun in! You might want to bring along a towel, if your pup decides to indulge in the splash pad, but waste bags, trash containers, and drinking water are already provided for your convenience. Bonnie Wenk is open daily, from dawn until 11:00 pm.
  • Old Joe Dog Park: Another fenced, off-leash park that caters to your pups by providing fresh drinking water, complimentary poop bags, and shaded areas. Old Joe also provides an agility course and climbing structures for your pup to indulge in! So if you have a high-energy pup, such as a Collie or Heeler, this park will be the perfect place for them to run off some energy! Old Joe is open all day, every day!
  • K9 Corral at Craig Ranch: Located at Craig Ranch off Van Tuyl Pkwy in McKinney, is a wood chip covered, gated area which is split into two sections for large and small sized dogs. My family takes two of our pups, Charlie the Goldendoodle and Hank the Chocolate Lab, and they absolutely love it! There is plenty of space to run, fresh water always available, and several large trees that provide plenty of shade for both you and your dogs. K9 Corral is open daily from 7am until 9:30pm.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in McKinney

  • Harry’s at the Harbor: Located at 6601 Mediterranean Drive, Harry’s is a bar and eatery that allows pets in their outside seating area. Let your pup in on the dining experience!
  • The Canine Cookie Company: The Canine Cookie Company is a perfect stop if your pup needs a sweet treat! They’re located in Downtown McKinney and each treat is specially crafted for your pup, so they are healthy and safe. Their treats are available in four flavors: beef, sweet potato, chicken, and pumpkin, and are served in several different shapes: Squirrels, Nilla Woofers, Little Bits, and PupTarts, which are also filled with peanut butter!
  • Lazy Dog: Lazy Dog in Allen serves a delicious array of American food, TV dinners, hand-crafted cocktails, and so much more! Recently, we had family dinner at Lazy Dog and brought along our Goldendoodle, Charlie. The staff at Lazy Dog were excellent at including Charlie in the experience, and were always conscious on if she had enough water in her provided bowl.

Supplies to Take on Your Pet Adventure

Before you head out with your pet, think about what you should take with you. For instance, consider these items:

  • Collapsible water bowl
  • Leash and harness
  • Weather-suiting clothes for you and your pet

You might want to arrange for an adventure like this several times a week when your dog is in his puppy and adolescent years. Later you can watch for warning signs and arrange for an adventure when you see your pet doing any of the following: chewing on furniture, spinning or performing other repetitive behaviors, hoarding food, marking, bullying other pets and just plain attention seeking. A dog may also chew on himself when he is bored, as the boredom is a kind of stress and the chewing relieves it.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself, your pet sitter or dog walker may provide a pet adventures service so check around (see our pet sitting buyer’s guide). Your pet will certainly thank you!