Why Does My Dog Eat its Own Poop?

Does your dog indulge when you’re not looking?

A dog sniffing a piece of poop in the grass.Why Does My Dog Eat its Own Poop?

Possible Health Problems

There’s a chance your poop-eating dog may have one of a few health problems:

  • Worms
  • Poorly Balanced Diets
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases

These issues all cause increases in appetite. If your dog normally doesn’t eat poop but suddenly begins to, it’s likely a health issue and you should call your vet.

Environmental Stress

If you’ve ruled out physical health issues, the behavior is probably a response to stress. These issues are best addressed with diligent training.

  • Lots of time being spent alone in kennel or small space
  • Anxiety
  • Attention-seeking
  • Fear of being punished for pottying in the house

How to Stop Dog from Eating Poop

A small white dog being walked by a person on grass.Keep Poop out of the Yard

If there’s no poop for a dog to eat, they won’t be eating any poop. Regular roundup of poop in the yard is an absolute must, for the health of the yard and the dog alike. Whether you hire a pooper scooper or get the poop out yourself, make sure the yard’s clean!

Dog Training

Training will fix the root cause of the issue: the behavior of eating poop. “Leave it” is a great command in this context. You may also try redirecting your dog’s attention with treats. Offer them a treat after they finish their business and they’ll forget all about the poop.

Vitamins and Enzymes

Supplemental vitamins or enzymes can be used to address nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin supplements may be a solution for things like B-vitamin deficiencies, and enzyme supplements can help aid digestion.

Taste-Aversion products

You can buy packs of chews that are meant to make the dog’s poop smell and taste unappealing. Dogs like eating them plus they provide nutritional benefits.


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