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When you can’t be home to care for your babies, our pet sitters are there for you!

Care for Your Pets While You’re Away

Backyard Pet Sitting services provides pet care in your home (some people refer to this as drop-in visits), pet boarding, dog walking, and house sitting in and around McKinney, Texas. We use the industry’s best-in-class app to schedule and track your services. Over the past five years, Backyard Pet Services has developed business processes, checklists, and training that we continue to revise and improve over time. Our sitters undergo extensive training and re-training four times a year.

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What to Expect from Our Pet Sitting Service

When you initiate communication about your upcoming trip, we will promptly confirm your trip dates and determine the desired number of pet visits per day. During the scheduling process, we meticulously attend to the details of the first and last day, recognizing that these two days may vary (e.g., the initial visit may not be required on the first day, and the final visit of the day may not be necessary on the last day). Our dedicated pet sitting services include sending a qualified sitter to introduce themselves, meet your beloved pet, and take detailed notes!

Once your trip commences, each pet sitting visit extends from 20 to 30 minutes. This duration allows ample time for showering your pets with love and affection, providing meals, refreshing water bowls, attending to cleanup needs, checking the mail, tending to plants, handling trash duties, and even a brief walk if it’s part of your dogs’ usual routine.

Naturally, every visit is meticulously documented, complete with heartwarming photos capturing your furry companions in their element, receiving affection from the sitter, or posing for the camera. Our comprehensive pet sitting services ensure the well-being and happiness of your pets throughout your time away.

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Services We Offer

Your Place or Ours?

We can come to you or in some cases you can come to us.

Pet sitting services that are provided at your home…

Pet visits

After an initial meet & greet to say hello and receive instructions, we visit your pets in your home 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times a day. The frequency will vary on your pet’s age and normal level of activity.

Dog walks

We will come by and take your pet(s) for a quick walk (both 15 and 30 minute walks are available).

Real estate showing support

We know what it is like when you are trying to sell your home (it takes lots of help!) One particular stress point is the dogs. To make for a successful showing, the dogs need to be put away or, even better, whisked away for a little while while the showing takes place and then returned safely. We can help you do that!

Overnight and 'almost overnight' visits

Depending on staff availability, we can come to stay overnight in your home with your pets while you’re away (8-12 hour visit). We also offer 'almost overnight' options.

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Sole sitter service

Typically, 1-3 pet sitting services providers will attend to your home and pets throughout your trip. We make an effort to minimize the number of sitters, considering their individual availability; however, occasional challenges arise due to differing schedules. Should you prefer a single pet sitting services provider for the duration of your trip, an additional fee applies. This extra charge is intended to compensate the sitter for arranging schedule adjustments, such as skipping a class, missing a test, rescheduling a doctor's appointment, forgoing a family event, or even securing a car service (e.g., in the case of a flat tire). This ensures that the selected sitter can be fully dedicated and available 100% for the dates and times you specify.

Exact time service

Typically sitter has a two hour window in which to complete your pet visit or walk. This allows us to factor in other visits around the same time that may take longer to complete and drive time between houses. If you need services at an exact time, we can make it work — but there is an additional fee.^

Services that are provided at our facility… (small dogs only, 25 pounds or less)

Small dog day care

Drop your pet here! We will look after your baby while you’re at work or away for the day, then you can pick him or her up.

Concierge day care

Want to skip the drop off? We can send a sitter by to pick up your pet, bring them here for daycare, and return them home at the end of the day.

Small dog boarding

We can care for your pup here while you’re on vacation or traveling for business!

Small dog day care


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