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Is your long-haired pet looking frazzled, tattered and glum?  Is your short-haired pet smelling something like a corn nut?  We can help.

Our Formula:

FIVE CLEAN AND FULLY EQUIPPED MOBILE GROOMING VANS Plus FIVE METICULOUS, TALENTED, AND EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL GROOMING TEAMS Equals ALL OF YOUR FUR BABIES, FRESH, CLEAN AND GORGEOUS And Zero Hassle for you! You can get started with just a quick phone call or text to 469-481-8900. When your pet isn’t looking (or smelling) their best, your groomer can be a best friend to you both. We offer convenient scheduling and at-your-door service. It really couldn’t be easier!  There are two packages to choose from: a lighter groom which is more of a bath and brush service, or a full groom which is the total spa treatment. We also offer a few add-on services. Light Groom Our light groom includes:
  • Skin assessment
  • Bath with custom shampoo & conditioner
  • Gland expression if necessary
  • Blow-dry
  • Brush out
  • Nails clipped or ground
  • Ear hair removed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Paw pads shaved
  • Sanitary shave
  • Fragrance if desired
  • Bow or Bandana
Full Groom Everything that is included in a light groom plus a beautiful haircut for your sweet baby. Add-On’s You can choose one or multiple of the below services to add onto your light or full groom:
  • De-shed treatment
  • Temporary tattoo or hair coloring
  • Nail polish
  • Paw Pad treatment
Below are some of our favorite pet photos this month:
Grooming Diff.

A Simple Step by Step Process


Get on the schedule by texting or calling 469-481-8900. Chances are, we’re in your neighborhood at least weekly… Find out when!

Talk to your groomer. She’ll find out how you like your pet groomed, discuss scheduling options, and set you up as a client.

Enjoy your beautiful pet! Once you’re on board, you can set it and forget it. Your pet will be gorgeous all the time!
A groomed dog standing on a bed of flowers
Two Dogs looking at camera after grooming-backyard pet Services
A dog with green painted nails and a bow tie-Bakyard Pet Grooming Services
Two dogs sitting next to each other after Grooming-Backyard Pet Services

Scheduling and Software

Backyard Pet Grooming’s Scheduling

Scheduling Software Screenshot
Scheduling for mobile grooming is based on a route, not a time of day.  Only the timing of the first appointment of the day can be predicted with certainty. The schedule is filled 30-60 days ahead of time.  The time of day is established 48 hours ahead of the appointment day based on the route. Our goal is never to move your appointment once it has been anchored onto the schedule.  There are three factors that might cause this to happen, however:
  1. Equipment failure.  There is lots of equipment on the van and sometimes it malfunctions.
  2. Groomer illness.  Sometimes your groomer will fall ill and not be able to complete his or her schedule for the day.
  3. Last-minute cancellations.  If a customer cancels, it causes a (sometimes huge) gap in the schedule and arrival times for all the other customers may be impacted.

Backyard Pet Grooming’s Software

Backyard Pet Grooming’s Software Icon
Because we started out as a pet sitting company, we use TimeToPet across all of our service lines. It is the best-in-class software for pet sitters. Having one tool allows our customers to request the full spectrum of services online at any time and have all of this activity scheduled and paid for in one place.  We use one system to schedule
  • Grooming appointments
  • Training assessments and sessions
  • Pet Sitting Visits
  • Pooper Scooper Visits
We love the convenience of having one account per customer to manage online requests, scheduling, and invoicing. Someday we may migrate to a more customized grooming software (Moego, we have our eye on you!), but for now, we are happy with the solution we’ve built using TimeToPet.

Products and Equipment

Backyard Pet Grooming’s Products

Tropiclean Coconut and Papaya all-in-one shampoo container
Our groomers primarily use Tropiclean Coconut and Papaya all-in-one shampoo and conditioner. We use a special tear-free shampoo just to clean the face. Also, the vans carry hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo if this is needed. Sometimes a customer will provide a specific product that must be used — this is fine and the groomer is happy to accommodate.

Backyard Pet Grooming’s Salons

inside of backyard pet grooming van
We have five WagNTails vans — they are all gorgeous, clean, and state-of-the-art full grooming salons that provide the groomer everything he or she would need in a brick and mortar salon. The vans are powered by generators and have full electrical outlets, warm water, powerful hairdryers, and all the shampoos and supplies a groomer could ever need. In the event there is an issue with the generator (rare, but it has happened), there is a backup electrical cord that the groomer can plug into your porch or garage to keep the process moving.

Areas We Serve

Neighborhoods We Serve:


  • Adriatica
  • Craig Ranch
  • Hardin Lake
  • Isleworth
  • Mallard Lakes
  • Provence
  • Serenity
  • Stonebridge Ranch
  • Trinity Falls
  • Tucker Hill


  • Twin Creeks
  • Watters Crossing
  • Wetsel
  • Hillside Village
  • Heritage Park
  • Parkside
  • Glendover Park
  • Starker
  • Lost Creek


  • Newman Village
  • Phillips Creek Ranch
  • The Trails
  • Cross Timbers
  • Austin Ridge
  • Shaddock Creek Estates
  • Starwood
  • Stonebriar
  • Panther Creek
  • Christie Ranch
  • Heather Ridge


  • Lilyana
  • Light Farms
  • Rhea Mills
  • Frontier Estates
  • Tanner’s Mill
  • Star Trail
  • Willow Ridge
  • Lakes of La Cima
  • Whitley Place

Zip Codes We Serve:

Van Alstyne: 75495 Melissa: 75454 McKinney: 75069 75070 75071 75072 Princeton: 75407 Allen: 75002 75013 Celina: 75009 Prosper: 75078

Plano: 75023 75024 75025 75074 75075 75093 Frisco: 75033 75034 75035 75036 Little Elm: 75068 The Colony: 75056

service area map


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