Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Sitting

Here are some questions we’re frequently asked. (Have another one?  Give us a call.)

Will we have the same sitter every time?

If it is at all possible, yes! Our sitters have varying availability and schedules. We strive to keep the number of sitters visiting your home to the smallest possible number:  one.  Most times, however, there will be at least two sitters involved.  To keep them prepared and coordinated, they are trained and re-trained throughout the year.  The training covers A to Z everything from entering the premises (preventing door darter escapes) to locking the premises on exit.  Before each engagement sitters are briefed on the client and particulars of each dog.  This information is covered in writing and also delivered verbally by a sitter who is experienced with that client (usually the person who did the meet & greet).  There is a written handoff between each sitter from visit to visit so that nothing gets omitted or overlooked.

What is the purpose of the meet & greet?

  • Meet your sitter face-to-face and show them the ropes. (Alarm codes, food storage, trash arrangements, etc).
  • Sign the paperwork (short contract)
  • Share your vet records

How do you manage keys?

Customers have different preferences for how they like their keys to be handled, and we can accommodate any request.

For most of our customers, we have a secure key registry in which we keep our customer’s keys. On the day an assignment begins, the sitter picks up the key and installs it on the front door in one of our lockboxes. At the end of the trip, the sitter removes the lockbox and returns the key to the registry.

Some customers like to keep the lockbox and key with them year around. They place the key and lockbox on the door for us and remove it when they come home.

We can also deliver the lockbox before the start of your trip. You will place the key in the lockbox and remove it when you get home. We come by a day after you have returned to remove the lockbox.


How do you keep in touch with me over the course of each visit?

We provide peace-of-mind messaging, including photos or short videos in which you can “see it for yourself!” The walk really happened, food and water is checked, hello from your happy pet, and a “bye for now” message with confirmation that the door is locked.

These updates accumulate in the conversation feed in your TimeToPet account. The system also shoots a copy including photos to your email address each time an update is made.

Do I have to provide up-to-date veterinary records?

Yes, but we can help you get them!

If you don’t have electronic copies of your pet’s most recent records, we can help. Let us know which vet you use and we’ll request the records electronically from your vet.

Records not up to date? No problem. We’ll pet taxi your cat or dog to the vet, accompany him or her through the vaccination process, and deliver the updated record to you.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, through Pet Care Insurance.

What areas do you provide service in?

In 2021 and 2022, we are servicing the McKinney, Texas area only for pet sitting.  Our service range for grooming and training includes the contiguous communities.

When can we call?

You can text us any time at 469-481-8900. You can send a message through the conversation feed in TimeToPet any time. We take phone calls between 8:30am and 5:30pm seven days a week.

Pet Grooming

Can I watch my pet being groomed?

You are encouraged to walk out to the grooming van with your dog and your groomer. You will see that it is a very small space! When you combine the close quarters with sharp instruments and sometimes very wiggly dogs, there is the potential for an accident to happen. In fact, our insurance prohibits non-employees in the van while services are being delivered.

What certifications do you have?

We have the Certified Professional Pet Sitter designation and are members of Pet Sitters International. Our sitters are also trained in first aid and CPR through Pet Pro Hero.

How often do you clean and sanitize the salon?

Constantly! The groomers wipe down the van between each pet. At the end of the day, the van is cleaned thoroughly as part of the re-set process for the next day. The vans are deep cleaned, sanitized, and detailed once a week.

My dog is hard to manage and he bites. Can you still groom him?

Maybe! Our groomers are skilled at developing a true, trusting relationship with the dogs they groom. Over time dogs are known to relax and go with the flow as they come to know what to expect and trust that they won’t be harmed during the process.

In these situations, we send a second groomer initially to help the lead groomer manage the pet (this is an extra $30 charge). Over time, we often find that the dog behaves better and the second groomer is no longer required.

In some cases, the dog will need a more foundational level of training and self-control before we are able to groom him.   We do provide that service and will be happy to work out a program for you and your dog.

Why doesn't the appointment time that appears on the invoice exactly match the time the groomer started and finished?

We “budget” the groomer’s time for the day into four or five blocks. Each time block allows for travel time, grooming time, cleaning time, and interaction time between the groomer and the client. Just like a financial budget, the day never goes exactly as planned.

The time you see on your invoice is the segment of groomer’s time we have reserved in the day … it’s the budget. Some day soon, we hope that our software will allow us to customize the fields presented in the invoice to show the actual time.


Pet Training

We just got a new puppy. How soon should we start training?

Great question and the answer is … Right away! Groomability and self-control are essential skills and the sooner you align with a trainer on a program for your pup, the sooner you are on the right path to the best possible relationship.

My dog hates to be groomed and we can't brush him. What should we do?

The first step is to get a program together that addresses his or her grooming anxiety. Building a relationship with the groomer will be a big help. Further training that includes daily brushing for long-haired dogs and behavior modification will make all the difference.

My dog goes out of his mind when he sees other dogs. What should we do?

This behavior is not unusual. The dog perceives a threat to himself and his (or her) owner and reacts quickly and strongly to get control of the situation. Our trainers will work with you both to help the dog understand that you are in control of this (and all other) situations and he / she should look to you for direction. The program will include a number of exercises and milestones that will help you get past this type of reactivity.