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We’re hiring amazing people!

We’re hiring amazing people!

Are you conscientious, career-oriented, and a go-getter? Do you have a passion for caring for animals of all shapes and sizes? If so, chances are we have the perfect job for you! Backyard Pet Services is a four-service pet company based in McKinney Texas. We started our pet sitting line of business in 2018 and since then we have grown to add three more service lines – Mobile Pet Grooming, Dog Training, and Pooper Scooper Services.

We are always on the look out for hard working, detail-oriented people to join our team!

Pet Sitters

Our pet sitting services include pet visits, dog walks, overnight sitting, and house checks. Right now we do pet sitting only in the McKinney area and parts of Prosper, Frisco and Allen. Our ideal pet sitter lives within these areas. We mainly care for dogs and cats so experience with them is a must, but we do occasionally get other pets like rabbits, hamsters, and lizards. Experience caring for them is not required, but it is helpful!


This is definitely the kind of work that has peaks and valleys. We have a combination of holiday-only clients, frequent-travel clients, and daily clients. Our shifts are organized into four parts of the day (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, & evening) with breaks in between. If you’re only available for two or three of these time frames, that’s okay! We’ll work with you to find assignments that fit your availability.


As a pet sitter, you are out and about in the world on your own – not confined to a desk all day. Even though you do the work by yourself, you are part of a closely knit team. We have a excellent oversight and a wonderful, supportive crew who keep in touch with you by text and Slack.


We are passionate about what we do and the way we do it. We truly believe we are the best in McKinney. We hone our training and processes so that we are continuously getting even better. Your input and suggestions are a big part of that.


As you guessed it, you are around animals a lot with this position! The job involves being joyously and enthusiastically welcomed with loving hearts as you move from assignment to assignment the whole day long.


We provide you with a Sitter Tote Bag full of the essential tools you will need so you can face anything that pops up – like a vacuum for litter, cleaning supplies for accidents, trash bags for messes, and even a can opener in case you can’t find the one you need.

What You Need:

  • Reliable Car: In this position you are driving from house to house to take care of our clients’ pets so you will need a reliable car. 
  • Love & Passion: To excel as a pet sitter you need the love and passion for providing excellent care to any and all animals. You also need to be committed to doing excellent work. Our clients are counting on us for certain outcomes that are important to them when they are absent. Food, water, medication, packages, mail, walks, attention, love… it gives them peace of mind to know that all is going well when they are away. For this they are always, always grateful. All of this explains our trademark slogan: Loving you and your pets like family.
  • Phone & Grammar: After each visit, we provide our clients with photos of their pets and a little update about how they are doing. To accomplish this, you will need to have a recent-model phone for great photo-taking and excellent grammar.
  • Reliability: Our clients are entrusting their fur-babies to us while they leave, so we absolutely need to be there for them. Rain or shine, cold or hot, holidays, all the different days of the week. We are there when they need us and therefore our sitters must show up when they are on the schedule. 

Pay & Benefits:

  • Pay & Benefits:
    You will be paid a commission for each visit you complete, plus $0.30/mile reimbursement for your gas when you use your own car.
  • Tips!
  • Employee discounts on all of our services.

More pay information can be found on our Indeed posting by clicking the link below:

Mobile Groomers

backyard pet grooming

If you are looking to step out of a salon or even hop from one van to another – join our grooming team!

Our mobile grooming service is centralized in McKinney and serves all of Collin County. When planning your route, we keep it as close to your home as possible. Though you are out in the world by yourself during the day, we still work as a team.


Our administrative team works to give you a schedule that gives you plenty of work. They will schedule you with recurring clients so you can build your relationships, fill gaps in your day, and make sure your day’s route is smooth and convenient.


Our groomers are the primary drivers of a Hanvey or Wag’N’Tail’s mobile grooming van. They have everything you need to get the job done! We‘ll take care of routine maintenance and deep clean the van for you on a weekly basis. You’ll be responsible for re-setting and re-stocking it for the next day.


We have a close-knit support team, consisting of employees from all divisions of the company, who take care of you throughout the day. We also get together regularly for team activities!


We will provide all the supplies you need to get the job done. This includes Tropiclean shampoo/conditioner, ear cleaner, detangler, face wash, etc.


Occasionally, you’ll have bigger dogs or pups that need help standing up for long periods. Have no fear about this! Our pet sitters also serve as “groomer helpers” who can come out to give you a second set of hands.

What You Need:

  • Tools: While we do provide your supplies, you must bring the tools. A clean and working set of clippers, scissors, and grinders are needed for this position. We will help upkeep their maintenance by sharing your cost for sharpening and by providing cleaning/lubricating solutions. 
  • Experience: Since you will be grooming dogs by yourself in the vans, the ability to work independently and without supervision is a must. We require at least 3 years of experience. 
  • Grooming Portfolio: To apply for this position, we need to see your work.  With your resume, please include photos of a variety of breeds such as a Yorkie, Shih Tzu, Doodle, Cocker Spaniel, and West Highland Terrier if you have these.  Or, you can point us to an online portfolio.
  • Passion: A passion for animals is an absolute must for this position! 

Pay & Benefits:

  • You will be paid a commission rate. Any tips you receive are yours to keep!
  • Employee discounts
  • PTO & paid holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Scrub allowances

More pay information can be found on our Indeed posting by clicking the link below:

Pooper Scoopers

We know that employees who do this job well are highly valued and hard to find. Scooper employees who prove themselves to be conscientious, trustworthy, and reliable quickly qualify for cross-training in our other lines of business so this role is a great place to start out on our team!


Pooper scoopers who demonstrate excellence in their work gain the opportunity to work in other roles in the company, such as pet sitting and scheduling.


You will be the driver of our new pooper scooper truck! You’ll take all your company tools along with you in the trunk and receive your own fuel card.


Our scooper services are offered Monday – Friday so you get weekends to yourself!

What You Need:

  • Ability to work independently: You’ll be running the show while you’re running the day’s route.
  • Love of Outside: You should be comfortable and willing to endure all different kinds of weather.
  • Phone & Grammar: After each visit, we provide our clients with a photo of the locked gate and a quick update letting them know we are done. To accomplish this, you will need to have a recent-model phone for photo taking and excellent grammar.

Pay & Benefits:

  • You will be paid a commission rate for each yard you complete.
  • Tips!
  • Employee discounts on all of our services
  • Holidays off

More pay information can be found on our Indeed posting by clicking the link below:

Dog Trainers

Backyard pet training logo
Are you ready to train outside of a “training class” and work one-on-one with dogs who need your help? With in-home training, the dog and client get your complete attention while you work in their own environment.

Since sessions are performed in the clients home, your schedule can be what you make it. Set your own availability and time off.


You won’t have to divide your focus between 3 different dogs and clients during a session. Each session is designed so you can have one-on-one focus with one pup and the client.


No need to worry about scheduling your clients and keeping up with invoicing. Our scheduling team that does that for you!


We know that training is not one-size-fits-all. We put the reins in your hands to craft a training plan specially targeted for each dog and client.

backyard dog training our philosophy

What You Need:

  • 3 Years Experience: Since you will be working by yourself with the dogs and clients, without supervision, we require a minimum of 3 years of dog training experience.
  • Great Communication: You will be working with all kinds of clients so effective communication skills are needed so the clients understand your training plan.

Pay & Benefits:

  • You will be paid a commission for each session you complete, plus $0.30/mile reimbursement for gas when you use your own car.
  • Tips!
  • Employee discounts on all of our services
  • Holidays off

More pay information can be found on our Indeed posting by clicking the link below: