Pooper Scooper Services

In 2023, Backyard Pet Services added a new service line: Pooper Scooper!

We serve in and around the McKinney, Prosper, Allen, and Frisco areas. Our pooper scooper services stands alone but also integrates with our other services so that you can access all four business lines (pooper scooper, pet sitting, mobile pet grooming, and dog training) from your existing account. Our technicians and trucks aim to remove the necessary but not-so-pleasant aspect of dog poop removal from the relationship between you and your pups. Even though it is a labor of love, it’s still labor. It’s so much better to have the poop scooping taken care of for you!

Why Work With Us?

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We’re Family

Similar to our other service lines, our pooper scooper business is small, locally owned, and locally operated. You might already be one of the 2,000+ customers familiar with our sitters and schedulers, and we're well-acquainted with your pups! Why not choose to continue your pooper scooper services with the friendly faces you already know?

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Once you enroll in our pooper scooper services, the entire process becomes automated. Your pooper scooper technician adheres to the scheduled times unless you inform us not to send one.

With our pooper scooper services, the sign-up initiates a streamlined and automated experience. Your designated technician ensures timely visits according to the predetermined schedule, unless you communicate otherwise.

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Our dog poop pick up service is a fully insured business. We staff and cross-train our employees so as to never miss a week of service.

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As with our sitters, we background check, onboard, and train every employee.

Why Backyard Pooper Scooper Services?

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  1. Pet waste is entirely removed from your property. Like magic! Nothing for you to do.
  2. Uniformed technicians. No worries when our poop removal staff is in your yard!
  3. Fully wrapped trucks. No question about who is parked in front of your house.
  4. Photo update after every visit through our software (TimeToPet). Know that the job is done and your gate is locked.
  5. Automatic invoicing and payments. Once your card is on file, billing occurs automatically.
  6. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are ever unhappy, our customer service team is online 7 days a week.
  7. Licensed and insured. No worries as to whether the team is qualified to do the work.

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